Monday, 24 October 2016


Wonder, what this is all about? Well, you will never know if you do nothing.

I have heard and realized that doing gives clarity not thinking. You got an idea about what you want to do, you have a dream you have been fantasizing about. The key to making it a reality is doing it. Start from where you are with whatever you have at your disposal. Time and effort will determine if you should be doing it and it only gets better and perfect. So, I started and something happened that made me more resolute in seeing it to the end.

On this particular day, I was on my way home after being disappointed at not achieving what I left home to do. Within me, I am battling with emotions such as anger, frustration amidst some other negative emotions. I am aware that it could ruin a lot of things for me and I try to see positive side of going out that day rather than what I am feeling.
I board a bike to my house and something happens which changes a whole lot for me. As we moved on, there was a vehicle partially blocking the road and the bike I boarded stopped. Obviously, he wanted the vehicle to move before proceeding. While waiting, another bike behind us tells him to go but he replies that the other one go first. The other actually passes. Seeing this, he also decides to pass.

As we pass, I look at the vehicle and observed that the vehicle didn't just stop without a reason but had developed a fault which they were trying to fix. In that instant, I knew why I had gone out. It was never intended that I achieve what I set out to do but to learn a greater lesson that I will hold on to as long as I live.
Why did he wait for the other person take the lead despite being there ahead of him? He was probably being careful or did not want to take a risk.

Many times, we tend to “thread the path of caution”, “afraid of taking a risk” but the truth is we will never know if we do nothing at all. In the bike incident, I related above, it was in moving that I realized that we would have never known what happened if we stayed. I can relate with this because there are times I have been asked to take the lead on something and I will say no you first. Sounds familiar?

But stop right there, must someone take the lead before we follow?
Can't we take the risk and lead?

Waiting might get you some results but it would be the leftovers from those who dared to take the lead. – Source Unknown

NOBODY likes leftovers.
So, who are you waiting for to take the lead before you do what you want to do? I intend to take the lead and not contend with leftovers.


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