Monday, 31 October 2016

The Frozen Smile


Growing up for me was full of adventures, stories and enough spanking because I was stubborn. I am still stubborn but I know better now. Like I watched in the shadow, anything that is part of you but you try to keep away from the world will use you if you do not learn to use it. So my being stubborn, I accept and has proved valuable in some circumstances. Yes, there a lot of stories plenty but there is one I like to share with you
Sure you will be like what the frozen smile all about? Smiling…….be patient for a few minutes and you will know.
Well, part of growing up for me was I did not get plenty compliments.
Being  tall from an early age, I would be sent to the back because I was the tallest and I wished I was shorter. Why? Standing at the back meant you were seen by teachers and any slight misbehavior meant some form of punishment plus the way you would be told to go back sounded like being tall was not good. I would hear things like “Long enough to exhaust the cloth” translated from Yoruba and used for tall people. I never heard anything said to shorter peers and for a long time I did not like that I was tall. But my height is not the topic of consideration today.
As I grew up, I smiled a little and most times I was told to smile else I would have wrinkles and grow old very soon. That was my reality but I never paid attention to it.
But something that actually impacted me. Whilst a teenager, I had gone to a boarding house and I was told I was not pretty plenty times that anything short of that was alarming to me.
On this particular day, I was at a family friend’s house and something happened which made me smile. An older girl told me I love your smile. Immediately, the smile froze and the next thing I did was cover my mouth. My ears could not believe that someone said something like that to me. Worse still, I did not believe it and I thought she was making fun of me. For a long time after that I would watch myself smiling and I stuck to this pattern of not smiling or covering my mouth when I smiled. As I grew older, I would hear it more often than not and I began to believe that it was actually true.
Words we say to ourselves go a long way in shaping the way we see ourselves. I did not believe there could be something about me that someone would compliment neither could I believe it. My point is that we should learn to see the good in ourselves even if people do not see it because if we do not, we could spend major part of our lives not doing what the world might benefit immensely from part of which in my case was my smile
Well, that’s history for me now because presently I smile at every opportunity and I can never get tired of smiling.
So how wide is your smile?

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