Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Sincerity where you least expect it

                  “Never let the world take the sweetness out of you due to past experiences”

  Hello there, so today I had to stay back home and attend to some issues. You never know how burnt out you are from work until you get a chance to rest and it seems you are lazy because you want to sleep at every slightest opportunity. The truth is your body is just taking the deserved break it needs. I have been quite busy lately waking up very early and sleeping very late. I know I should rest but I can’t because there is much to be done plus I would be feeling guilty if I slept. Anyways, I was able to steal a few minutes to sleep before setting out.
The area is quite far and very remote so I am advised to look for a known face to drop me and pick me up when I am done because I would not be able to get a means of transport back home easily. I search for a while but when all means proved abortive I decide to go hoping for the best since I am beginning to run late. I get someone not known to take me there and on getting there I ask if he could come and pick me up. He agrees and I collect his number to enable me place a call to him when I am through.
I attend to the issues and its time to go home. While there, I met someone who knew from way back when we were kids. She offers to drop me at a place closer to my home thus saving me from the hassle of getting home. But remember, I had planned for someone to come and pick me. Well this did not matter anymore since it all served the same purpose. We gist and I alight eventually promising to stay in touch.
On getting home, I am faced with other things.  Obviously, I have forgotten about the person I booked to come pick me but he did not forget.  The twist to this incident is that I had given him the fare for going and returning but I just took it as one of those things that happen.
Later in the night, I receive a call from a number I did not recognize and it turns out to be the commuter I had booked to come pick me up. I was humbled and touched to the depths of my heart at the display of sincerity from him.
This is someone I had never met before today and probably wouldn’t have recognized him if I saw him another day. But he actually called back because of my money with him. You rarely meet such people in the times we live in.

The following options were open to him:
v  Take the money and absconding with it. I should have known better than to give my money to a stranger I did not know.
v  Take the money and give excuses when I called about being far from where I was. Thus, not being able to meet up with the appointment
In the two instances above, he would have played a smart one on me. I would not be able to tell anyone my story because I would be blamed for being gullible and naïve.
In that instant, the beauty of seeing the good in others and trusting that they mean well for you was justifiable to me because I have always had that as a “weakness” and though the story does not always turn out this way but if one out of a hundred turned out well. Then I am encouraged to continue trusting and seeing the good in others no matter what.
I could have lamented over my money being taken away but I chose to ignore it and in return I was wowed.


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