Friday, 4 November 2016

Unique and standing out


“Like stars on Earth, every star is there for a purpose”

Have you ever taken time to stare at the sky at night and observed how beautiful they light up the sky. At times you even observe a pattern if you look well. While there are nights when you find so many stars and you can’t help but marvel at the awesome sight you behold, there are nights when the stars are not much and there are nights you do not see any at all.

In the midst of all these, you observe that some stars are heavily clustered together; some are sparsely clustered while some just stand alone by themselves.

It’s amazing that you this same trend is observed in both animals and human beings.
You observe that some people attract crowd as in they cannot be anywhere without people wanting to be around them. Most times, other people want to be like this type of people. They want others to see them and like them, they want to attract a crowd wherever they are.  While looking up to someone as a role model  or aspiring to do great things  like someone else is not a bad thing by itself. The evil in it is in losing your identity as a person in the process.

The process where people always feel they have to be like someone else starts from an early age. Parents, Care givers, Teachers unconsciously instill this in children. They do this in different ways. Some are:

·         Comparing the abilities and  achievements of a sibling with the another
This is a very common practice. If Child A is good in athletics and has won prizes because, we are quick to condemn Child B because he/she is good in athletics. We forget that we are all created with different abilities and our achievements will differ. While Child A might be good in athletics, Child B might be endowed with the gift of images i.e. he/she can draw virtually anything they see or imagine. When we compare child A with Child B, we are indirectly but powerfully saying STOP expressing your gift, your gift is not valuable, your gift is not worthy. Be like Child A because his abilities are better person than yours.

·         Measure the intelligence of a child with another child:
Here, we measure the rate at which a child learns with another. When a child has difficulty in meeting up in their academics, we call them words like Dullards, Slow- Learner among others. The child hears these words on a constant basis and grows up believing themselves as they have labeled. For some children, they are able to defeat this demon within and excel while some are not lucky and spend the rest of their lives with this mindset. Thus, they do not attempt to try their hands on anything relating to academics or activities they required them to task their brain. How sad and disheartening.

·         Utter disempowering words to children when they do not meet with a “particular standard”:
What are standards but the meaning we give it or the importance we ascribe to it? So, is it really worth it to sacrifice the mental health of a child for these so called “Standards”? But the opposite is the case because we see parents, care givers, and teachers say words to children that disempowers them for life mentally except they are opportune to witness a shift in this mindset to an empowering one. In the words of Praise Fowowe, the problems of the world are Adults, remove them and you would have a beautiful world” Given all the points listed above, you couldn’t but agree that Adults are really the world’s problem.

 I watched a cartoon where a girl had to realize her worth when put through some test and the words are   “That lone star is there for a reason, it doesn't have to fit with others, it just has to be itself”. Awesome statement don’t you agree?

We are all different and unique in ways incomparable to another. Let's not condemn each other because of our uniqueness rather, we should appreciate God's creation in the unique attribute he has bestowed on us and mold that attribute to a strength.


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