Friday, 7 October 2016


In life, we will always have alternatives to choose from but most times, we do not see the alternatives and follow one blind route which might not be the best for us.
Let me share a story

On Monday morning, on my way to the office I got to the bus terminal and I met a massive crowd waiting to board buses to their various destinations. With the crowd there, even if 20 buses (probably an exaggeration) were available which was not the case, I might not get to board any of them. Looking at the crowd, I saw beyond the queue, I saw:

  •   Tensions building by the second
  • Potential fights/argument likely to occur 
  •  A toxic atmosphere that would corrupt my Mindset
I thought to myself, how else can I get to the office other than queueing up for the blue Air Conditioned bus. Then, I saw the red bus not the best alternative but then, I wouldn't have to queue and have so much negative emotions transferred to me if I took it. So I boarded the red bus and I was able to avoid a whole lot
Coupled with that, I got to the office earlier than I would if I had waited on the queue.

But something was still amiss, yes I boarded the red bus and I was lucky that the traffic wasn't very bad on Monday. What would have happened if reverse was the case, I would be upset. Yes I would.
On Tuesday, there's a queue as usual and I thought I might not be as lucky as I was yesterday. Plus, the red buses are very problematic. So I changed my plan, why not break my journey into two. See, at the bus terminal, you have different boarding gates for different areas and some gates usually have more people. So, I decide to use the boarding gate with lesser number of people since I would be able to board another bus to my final destination from there.
Guess what, I get the comfort and convenience I wanted, I didn't have to queue endlessly and listen to talks that could ruin my day, and I get to the office on time.

Many times, we do not think of alternatives in our lives because we feel there's only one way of getting the results we want. That's why you will find a lot of people following a route that might not yield the best results and a few doing something else and getting awesome results Yes, I use to queue endlessly like that, then I thought of an alternative which was:
- Leave home earlier than usual and it worked but what of those days, you can't leave as early as you want to, does that mean you queue endlessly which led me to my second alternative (Break my journey to keep my Mindset intact)

Like I have heard countless times, what you hear constantly affects the way you reason.
Guess what, my second alternative actually led me to discover another route to my office which I am enjoying presently.

Let's think of alternative way of getting results because what worked for someone might not necessarily work for you and you never know what awesome results you might get from trying out something different

Tasleemah Tunde-Lawal
Regards and lots of love