Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Life And Balance

                                                           Life and Balance
“One alone is not enough”, you need both together these are the words sang in a Cartoon I love.

Actually, in reality there are always two sides to everything so that it can be balanced.
·         Day / Night
·         Hot / Cold
·         Good/ bad
·         Sun / Rain
·         Joy/Sorrow
Thinking of these words, which are more like opposites one cannot but wonder and imagine how it would be if we had only side without the other.

-Day or Night:
                At the beginning of a new day; we know that it brings new hope, new chances or trying to make a success, new dreams etc.  In summary, we know that its time for hustle and we bring our all to whatever we do to make a success of it.
But then, as the day progresses, all the initial energy we had begins to fizzle out and fatigue sets in. For some, it is excitement and delight at achieving what they set out to while for some it could be that they achieved some or worse still, none of what they set out to. Yet, the day draws to an end –Midday, Afternoon, Evening and Night comes upon us and regardless of whether we achieved or did not we have to rest in order to be fully rejuvenated for the next day. It’s all in Life and  the Balance- Work then Rest; Rest then work.

                There are times; we would prefer a food, drink, weather amongst others to be either hot or cold. But we would never want it to be cold all the time neither would we love it to be Hot all the time. As humans, we adapt to changes in our environment but there is a limit to what we can endure. As such the need for the Balance comes in.

                We would have heard it said before now. “What you did was bad”, “You are a good Person”. Though we know what is generally accepted as being good or bad. Inherently, we all have the ability to be either “Good or bad” but the part we feed becomes prominent and visible. In the perfect world, everyone should be good but then the world is not perfect.

                In the morning the sun rises and shines upon us providing light for us to move about with ease. This we love but what if the Sun had to shine all the time. It would become a burden to us and cease to be the blessing it is supposed to be.               
Yes, the rain comes and wets the land. We like it when it rains and the weather is cool. Like the scenario of the sun, how would it be if it rained all the time? Not Funny huh? I agree to. The Balance in life is yet again depicted here.

We all love happy and Joyful times in our lives. We are delighted when we hear news that pleases us. So happy that we wish it would last forever but imagine a world where we never had a sober moment. Where you did not have to be serious but just like the Happy -go- Lucky type. Sounds good, but looking at it, it is the bad times that make you appreciate the good times in our lives, the times of pain/sadness/unease helps us cherish the times you are free, happy and at ease .

The list is endless, but truly one alone is not enough.